Critters Bundle


With this special bundle, you will receive our full offering of modules relating to bites from animals of all shapes and sizes!

Included in this bundle:
-5 Online Modules
-5 AMA PRA Cat. 1 CME Credits
-Our brand new Lyme disease bundle
-FAWM Credits

Modules in the bundle:

Animal Bites & Stings
-Domesticated & wild animals
-Sea creatures
-And more

Reducing the Risk of Mosquito Exposure & Envenomation
-Learn the different types of disease carrying mosquitos
-Diseases carried
-Treatment Guidelines

-Learn about the new kind of malaria
-Review cases
-Updates on current treatment and prevention guidelines

Tick Prevention and Tick-Borne Illness
-Identify the different types of ticks
-Recognize the diseases that ticks carry
-Describe the treatment of tick borne diseases
-Identify appropriate techniques for removing ticks
-And more

Lyme Disease
-Recognize the early symptoms and progression of symptoms of Lyme Disease
-Understand the treatment options for Lyme disease
-Understand the complications and consequences of Lyme disease going un-treated
-Discuss methods to prevent infection